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Lizgerie is a labour of love for Liz Crowson, creating the luxurious gowns and bags (all handmade) that you see on the website. The gowns are made from the finest imported silk, silk blends, viscose, rayon, satin, chiffon and many other high-quality fabrics.

Sourced from South Africa and overseas, they are available to be shipped both locally and internationally.

You will also be able to order your own custom bespoke gowns to suit all your design wants and needs!

Proceeds from the sale of Lingerie products go to Project Flamingo, a cause close to our hearts.


What is The Project Flamingo?

Project Flamingo, like many good things in life, started around a good bottle of wine and a desperate email that landed in the right inbox. When faced with the heartbreaking, stretched out and often chaotic journey of a breast cancer patient in the public health sector, Dr. Liana Roodt decided that something needed to be done. Not only were these women subjected to agonizingly long waiting times for surgery, they were also mostly left isolated in their struggle with a daunting diagnosis. The simple yet profoundly effective idea of  “Catch-up Surgeries” and “Pamper packs” was born. When the AmaBele Belles Dragonboat Racing Team pledged the first donation to the project on a radio interview, it was kismet. Project Flamingo has subsequently changed hundreds of lives since its launch in 2010.


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